Kent WA

Whether your gold investment goal in Kent WA is to provide secure cover for your portfolio or it is to create an heirloom or to start saving for your future needs, we have a wide range of opportunities. New York Gold Co. is a recognized gold dealer in Kent WA with business interests across the globe in precious metals market. We sell gold bullion in Kent WA that we procure from world-class mints such as the Credit Suisse and Pamp Suisse, Royal Bank of England, Perth Mint, and the People’s Bank of China among others. The gold coins come for sale in Kent WA in secure assay packaging straight from the mint, leaving no possibility for tampering. The assay package protects the gold bars and coins we sell in Kent WA from losing its purity, getting faded orbeing affected by the environment in any way.

When we ship the gold coins in Kent WA, we send it in a cotton glove to protect the package from fingerprints. We only procure gold bars for sale in Kent WA from the recognized mints to invoke the buyers trust in the product. Any gold bullion we sell in Kent WA are first bought and sold in mint condition to the buyer. We take our reputation as a prominent gold dealer in Kent WA very seriously. Hence, all the gold investment in Kent WA done through us go through a transparent channel, in a secure and discreet environment.